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TeleKord is shaping the future of startups, tiny and small businesses

Finally there is an ecosystem .. not just a platfrom .. for startups and small businesses to grow and flourish

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Pre-integrated Cloud Services We Proudly Provide

Reservations and Scheduling

Intuitive reservation and scheduling online service for businesses to ease appointments and events booking online by thier clients.

Online Payments and Collection

Handy and simple online service for customers to pay businesses and for businesses to collect their money without worrying about financial stuff.

Queue Management

Easy and Customer friendly queuing service for businesses to establish online queues and for clients to seamlessly book a slot online in a queue.


An essential online service for small businesses to keep up with clients, know more about thier needs to consistently offer the best service.

Billing and Invoicing

Simple and clean online service for small businesses with advanced features to bill customers, manage outgoing invoices as well as incoming invoices.


Must-have for small businesses, especially in early days. It offers various financial features to track expenses and revenues of your business.


One Account for All

No multiple accounts for multiple systems any more, All you need is to subscribe once and voila !!! use whatever system(s) you need to operate your business.

Modern and Sleek Design

Simple, clean, intuitive and user friendly design using latest technologies for the best ever user interface and seamless experience.


In our market place you can pick whatever system(s) you need to help you operate, promote and accelerate your business, all systems are seamlessly integrated. Do it here, see it there!

Mobile and Web

Access your account from any mobile device (Smart Phone, Tablet) or Office machine (laptop , desktop).

Risk Free

Zero upfront subscription get Free account and pick what you need ... You Grow We Grow

Anywhere ... Anytime

Manage and operate your business wherever you go and whenever you want, it's in your pocket.


No more worry about losing money in currency foriegn exchanges, you can offer your services in the currency that is more benefical for your business.


To empower small businesses world wide, we realised that the most efficient way is to give not only systems to use but to understand and love.


Keep a close eye on your business performance and progress using real time data analytics, reporting and monitoring tools.


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Pro
  • 15GB Storage
  • unlimited Locations
  • unlimited Apps
  • Setup Support
  • Free

  • Join your echosystem .. it was crafted for you!

  • Premium
    (Most Popular)
  • 30GB Storage
  • unlimited Locations
  • unlimited Apps
  • Migration & Setup Support
  • $5

  • Join your echosystem .. it was crafted for you!

  • Elite
  • 60GB Storage
  • unlimited Locations
  • unlimited Apps
  • Endless Support
  • $10

  • Join your echosystem .. it was crafted for you!


One Team

A group of smart and awesome people working all together in harmony, love and respect to delight enterprenuers and small businesses world-wide via technology.

One Goal

Help startups and small businesses grow healthy, operate fast and stand out using a robust foundation.

One Way

Keep focused on startups and small businesses, their needs, their problems, their achievements, their dreams and ensure they enormously succeed in every step they take.

One Ecosystem

One modern pre-integrated cloud ecosystem for startups and small businesses. One ecosystem embraces all systems that any business could need in one place.