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One Destination

to ^2000 turn your ideas in to reality

to ^2000 go digital and get exposure

to ^2000 automate and optimize your operations

to ^2000 get experts advice.

to ^2000 help acquire talents

to ^2000 shape a future you aim to live in.

Shape The Future With Us

TeleKord is a technology company at its core, we build applications, all kind of applications, web, mobile and desktop applications using the latest technologies, techniques and methodologies.

Our applications are used by thousands of people around the world and this is something we are truly proud of.


We offer World-Class Services for all types of businesses from Startups to Multi-National Enterprises.

Experience Stack

We use modern, proven technologies and approaches that let us build performant and easily scalable digital products for telecom, mobile, web, wearables, TV, and IoT.







7+ Years
in Business

16 Team


Happy Clients


Accepted User Stories


Successful Projects

The Team

TeleKord team is a group of awesome, talented, self motivated and professionaly growing engineers. Customers feel and say it out loud every time our engineers work closely with them.

We are extermely lucky to have the most gifted team ever.

Additional Services

We also provide services like prototyping, consultation, architectural transformations, systems migrations, etc.

Technical Consultation

Need help in analyzing, modeling or scaling your application, we can help you model an efficient, performant and cost effective application.

We have the competiences and experiences in analyzing and modeling enterprise applications in various industries and fields (finance, telecommunication and real estate).

Systems Migration

Having trouble scaling your application, we can help you migrate your application to new hardware either on premise or on the cloud.

Having more than 8 years of designing various architectures, building and scaling tolerant applications, we’ll deeply analyze your current product state, propose various technical migration options, make cost and benefits assessment.


TeleKord is not just a company of engineers, but of designers too. Our experts in UI/UX passionately create consistent user experience and work close to our Back End engineers.

We have the talent in transforming user stories and use cases to visual wireframes using best design tools in the market (Adobe Illustrator, Sketch and Figma).

Talent Acquisition

Success of your product is determined by the quality of the team behind it.

We can assist you shortlist candidates using our up to date database of 50k+ resumes and in the recruitment process to ensure you are adding the best talent to your team.