Partners .. Not Just Vendors

TeleKord is an egyptian software technology company founded early 2013 with presence in US (our sales office) and Egypt (our development hub). Our clients are everywhere across the globe from Europe and US to the Middle East.

We work with our clients as a business partner who sincerly cares about thier development and success. We are professional when it comes to finding a unique personalized formula for our clients that ensures delivering great value for money experience and time to market superiority.

Our Values

TeleKord is a sum of great technology, innovative business culture, and smart people. Our values are what we respect and care about.

Technology Passion

We are a software technology company that believes in technology as a solution for most of our nowadays and future problems.

Quality Driven

Our aim is to elevate people's life with the expertise we have by beautifully hand crafting awesome services and products.

Customer Centric

Customer success and satisfaction is our driver, we carefully listen to our clients, keep them aware of our progress and collaborate with them on regular basis.


Consistency in every thing we do, we consistently develop our interpersonal skills, broaden our technical abilities, learn new technologies and explore latest trends.

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge is power and the way to get power is by sharing knowledge. By teaching others, we teach ourselves. Spreading knowledge both within our company and to the world at large is the smart way to do business.

Authentic Relationships

One of the key elements in our relationships with clients is the ability to trust and be trusted. Trust is earned by being honest and transparent, doing our work consistently, and delivering great results.

Our Culture

Efficiency and flexibility are the pillars of our culture, we ensure that we are working in a very productive, creative and comfortable environment to take out the stress and pressure and keep our team focused and innovative all the time.

Mastering our Craft

Every day we seek continuous improvement, finding better ways to do things, encouraging innovation, increasing productivity and quality.

Life Balance

Our team well being is on top of our priorities, we achieve that by giving our team the freedom to work remotely at any time during the day or week.

Working Smartly

We prefer working in smart not hard way. From delivery - like reuse code, utilize open source, automation, CI/CD and more - to communication with our clients. It makes us delvier faster and with less mistakes.


Providing frequent 360 feedback internally among our team members and collect frequent feedback from our custmers. This is a powerful tool to keep every one productive and effective.

Being Up to Date

Our experts frequently follow new technology trends, explore and test them before applying them to our work or suggesting them to our clients.

Efficient Tools

We use world class hardware and software for communication, collaboration and delivery. It helps us produce our great work.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for talents and innovators to join our team

If you think you are one of them, we would be glad to have you among us