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Building Mobile apps that customers fall in love with and awesomely appealing to their users.

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Building friendly, sleek and intuitive Mobile apps for every one, Big Enterprises, SMEs and Consumers.

Our Mobile team has more than 7 years of experience in both iOS and Android that varies from Business and Consumer apps to Entertainment and Media apps.


Our iOS engineers are proficient with Objective-C, Swift and Cocoa Touch with intensive hands-on experience in Core Data, Core Animation, etc.


Our Android engineers are experts in Andriod studio, Jetpack, and frameworks such as Glide, Piccassso, Retrofit, Eventbus, Dagger, Rxjava and Butterknife.

Great App
Smart Execution

Getting up and running with an app that WOWs your customers and keeping them thrilled every time they use it, is not a trivial task. It requires deep thinking, smart pre-development preparations and intelligent execution.

Here at TeleKord we understand very well the process of building a mobile app from ideation till monitoring the app performance and battery life consumtpion.


In Discovery stage we work closely with customers on hardening the idea putting ourselves in the users shoe, conducting market and competitors analysis, studying the target audience and their behaviours, seeking best ways to monetize the app and designing initial MVP.

User Experience

After shaping the idea we start to design the user experience by understanding the app elements and the information architecture. From here we confidently begin to wireframe, design the app workflows and testing navigations on various screen sizes, devices and models.

User Interface

Once we are comfortable with the user experience we start crafting the Aesthetic & Functionality of the App by creating style guides, creating rendered design and developing a clickable prototype.

Modeling and Design

At this stage we start the core architecture and design of the app, data flows and data mastering. On top we design files to stay organized, share key user goals, handoff prototype and design specs to developers.


Before kicking off the app development, there are a group of decisions should be made such as building a Platform-Specific Native App, Cross-Platform Native App or Hybrid App, choosing the best fit front and back end technologies, modeling data sources and structures as well as hosting selections.


Testing phase usually takes an iterative approach till we are confident that the customer is comfortable and happy with the delvierbales. During Testing we conduct Functional, Performance and Edge-case Testing, Device Specific Testing, Usability Testing (UT) and User Acceptance (UAT).


After successful UAT, we conduct release cycles, configure security certifications, set up and validate environments, install automation tools for CT, CD and CI, complete app stores registrations and release docs/materials.


After go live we take the extra mile monitoring launch time, crashes, UI response time, analytics, technical performance, battery performance, App Store maintenance and cellular data consumption.



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