Web Apps

Crafting Personalized Web apps that illustrate your products and services in an attractive way.

Building Modern Web


Building modern and animated web apps that tells a story fluently or magically illustrate an event.


Developing responsive apps that works beautifully on Mobiles and Tablets even more beautiful than native applications.

Cross Platform

Unique experience with cross platfrom frameworks like React Native and Ionic. Build once and deploy on all devices.


Exclusive experience in delivering progressive web apps that support customer operations even when they are offline.

Robust Back End Platform

Extremely well designed, clean coded, intensively secured and lightning fast Back Ends for today's high demand web apps.

Load Balancing & Caching

Our back end starts with the Apache web server for content rendering, load balancing, cross domain handling and redirects.

Varnish Cache acts as ferious caching HTTP reverse proxy, to cache the contents.

Security & Privacy

For users authentication, we use spring security with basic authentication, OAuth, OAuth2 or JWT over HTTPS.

For Data protection we implement sopisticated cryptography and encryption algorthims.

Business Services & APIs

For Web and Mobile Integrations we use either standalone REST APIs or an API Gateway such as APIgee or Cloud Amazon API Gateway.

For Enterprise Integrations we use OSB and Fuse, we also use BPM to fulfill complex business rules.

Data & Analytics

For Data Persistance, we use Spring Data JPA with Hibernate to ensure consistency and integrity. For Storage, we use SQL (e.g. MySQL) or NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB) Databases or Both.

For Analytics we use Elastic ELK stack for efficient retrival of huge amount of data.


For Cloud Hosting, we use many providers like AWS, Heroku, Azure and Digital Ocean.

For Cloud Services, we have intensive experience with AWS cloud services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Lambda, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes, and more.