Back End Developer

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TeleKord is seeking a Strong BackEnd Developer to join its team. We expect you to be experienced in building web applications and writing both clean and maintainable JavaScript code. You will be working closely with designers, product managers, and full-stack engineers to build both our own products and products for our clients from the EU and the US.


Work closely with business analysts to understand business needs and realize user stories.

Work closely with front end developers to understand wire-framed user stories, system entities and thier relationship and data exchange schema.

Work closely with chief architect to realize system end to end architecture, system tiers and data flow schema across them.

Model and build data structures.

Write clean and maintainable code that cover security aspects, system functionalities and features.

Write test cases and perform unit tests to validate written code.

Document written code, developed APIs and system codes.

Prepare user manuals and training materials on how to use a service or product, as collaboration effort with other team members.

Actively contribute to the identification of problems and their solutions.

Skills and Experience

Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field.

5+ years working as backend engineer in a technology company.

Excellent java programming skills.

Strong experience in REST APIs, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate and Jackson.

Strong experience working with RDBMS Databases like MySQL and NoSQL Databases like MongoDB.

Familair with YAML and Swagger.

Practical experience in different DBs (RDBMS, Key Value / Tuple Store, Wide Column Store / Column Families, Document Store)

Comfortable with the UNIX/Linux command line.

Ability to speak, write and understand english fluently.


Startup environment experience

Multicultural environment experience

Experience in Test-Driven Development and pair programming

Strong technical expertise and ability to work with complex codebases