DevOps Engineer

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TeleKord is hiring an experienced DevOps Engineer to help automate our Product Release Cycles. You will have a chance to manage excellent products and contribute to our engineering craft. We expect you to work in pairs, use DevOps best practices, and write both clean and maintainable scripts.


Apply cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) computing skills to deploy upgrades and fixes.

Design, develop, and implement software integrations based on user feedback.

Troubleshoot production issues and coordinate with the development team to streamline code deployment.

Implement automation tools and frameworks (CI/CD pipelines).

Analyze code and communicate detailed reviews to development teams to ensure a marked improvement in applications and the timely completion of projects.

Collaborate with team members to improve the company’s engineering tools, systems and procedures, and data security.

Optimize the company’s computing architecture.

Conduct systems tests for security, performance, and availability.

Develop and maintain design and troubleshooting documentation.

Skills and Experience

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or relevant field.

3+ years experience as a DevOps Engineer.

Excellent in code deployment tools (Kubernetes, Ansible, and Chef).

Maintain Java web applications and administrate web servers like Apache and NGINX.

Experience in network, server, and application-status monitoring.

Possess a strong command of software-automation production systems (Jenkins and Selenium).

Experience in version control DevOps tools like Git and GitHub.

Expert in UNIX/Linux command line and knowledge of databases and SQL.

Ability to speak, write and understand english fluently.

Possess a problem-solving attitude.


Startup environment experience

Multicultural environment experience